About us

About Us

Webtunix is Artificial Intelligence Consulting Organization having innovation Data Science Lab in Mohali, using Artificial Intelligence techniques to deliver machine learning and data science services. In 2015, we have started with a vision to build ‘intelligence’ that can support humans in resolving complex glitches with faster speed. We have faith in true value of knowledgeable debate before implementation of any plan. To do so, we have been collecting the best talent maintained by widespread academic research in the individual domains. Today, our core team is of researchers and scientists from Mathematics, and Computing with hands on academic research from various academic and private institutions.

We believe in constructing a smart, flexi, agile, workplace with a team that cooperates and donates to continually evolve our culture to motivate us to do the finest for our customers, investors, families, and ourselves.


To abridge the “Artificial Intelligence” process in that way this can help anyone to use it to produce Next Generation goods for solving the most complex problems. Technology is known only when it permits rich human values and makes things easier to the world round us.


As we all know, we are living in a digital world and data is growing at rapid speed these days. Everyone started from customers, businesses, clients, and operations to revenue depends upon the intelligent system which is skilled of learning activities and create great vision.

Our Strength

It is true that an AI is only as brilliant as the humans who train it. Within few years, we will have necessitated of huge amounts of high-quality training data, created easily, professionally and at scale. We are always ready to help companies meet that challenge. Our data scientists are competence which produce and analyze high quality data for their client. We show individual responsibility by taking initiative; satisfying commitments, giving more with less money, and remaining polite enough to responsively confess when we’re wrong.

Our Story

Webtunix Solutions Pvt Ltd. an ISO 9001:2015 certified Govt. Registered Company well known for Artificial Intelligence Services and Data Science Consulting. We have more than 100+ clients globally.

Deep learning is the area of machine learning which helps to build optimized solutions from algorithms using deep neural networks. We provide business problem’s specific solution by predictive analysis for smarter decision making by designing algorithm using support vector algorithms or neural networks.


I have a small business. Is Artificial Intelligence beneficial for my business?
Well, Yes. Artificial intelligence is for every business whether small or big. Many small businesses have been benefitted from Artificial Intelligence applications. For example, AI can help your marketing team in making better and focussed advertisements.
Why should I choose Webtunix over others?
Well, we don’t believe in doing different things. We believe in doing things differently. Webtunix incorporates the Artificial intelligence with machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. We are optimizing the AI technology to its full potential.
Which industries are most benefitted from Webtinix’s solutions?
Webtunix is providing solutions in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. These technologies have a wide scope for almost all the industries. We have provided state of the art solutions in various sectors like finance, the stock market, recommendation system, healthcare etc.
What about the after sales service once my application is complete?
Webtunix is committed to provide state of the art solutions to its customers. We provide after sales service to our customers too in which they can ask the queries, report bugs or request for additional functionality. So, you can count on us on after sales service.
Is Webtunix Hiring?
Yes, sure! Webtunix is constantly looking for the exceptional talent in Python developement, Data Scientists etc. If you have the potential of achieving big things and love a challenging and rewarding career, come join us. For more information, you can check our Career page.

Our professionals

Webtunix AI is a team of enthusiastic, seasoned and extraordinary talented Data Scientists, Python Developers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers and artificial intelligence experts. Complex things become easier when brilliant minds meet. Every team member loves to share their ideas and willing to contribute in as many ways as possible. As a team, we understand our responsibilities and duties. We know how to push our limits to achieve greater things. At Webtunix AI, we create an energetic and vibrant working environment that allows our team members to be at the peak of their performance.